New Feature

Daily Updates On Your Goals

Get Daily updates on your daily, monthly, and quarterly goals with our new in-app score cards.

Every studio is unique, that is why we have provided a solution that can help you stop using excel spreadsheets to figure out how your business is doing. With the new Analytic Score Cards, you can track and evaluate your success day to day.

Track Progress

Keep up to date with your goals progress, values and growth.

Multiple Goals

Goals for Sales, Members, Clients and Classes with multiple goal types.

Comprehensive Analytic Breakdowns

We have taken the most important data from our studio analytic report and brought it directly to your phone.

Our simplied mobile analytics pages can provide you a wide variety analytics to help breakdown your success. You'll be hooked once you can truly evaluate your business everywhere you go.



Comprised combination of data in one simple to read screen to save you time.


Sales & Revenue

Detailed breakdowns of sales and your revenue categories. Dive deeper and see your sales within a category.


Client Acquisition

Check out your totals clients, converted to paid memberships. See how successful your into offers can be.


Members Analysis

See how many memberships you have sold, with the revenue earned, and your clients avg purchases.


Class Analysis

Detailed breakdown of your classes revenue, totals, utilization and more. See the success of your classes in action.


Daily Score Card

Get up to date information on the success of your business that you defined with goals for multiple analytics.

Unleash your business potential with Studioease Analytics Mobile Application

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