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Studio Substitutions Powered By Subsync

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Let's solve your substitution problem, once and for all.

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Spending Countless Hours A Week on Substitutions?

Don't waste another second.

Save Time

Save Time

Our data shows that 92% of substitutions are filled within 24 hours and 50% are filled in less than 10 minutes, while using Subsync.

Empower Staff

Empower Your Staff

Teachers handle the requests themselves, and you can approve them if you'd like.

Subsync creating and managing a request made by a staff on manager application

From Communication to Integration, We've Got You Covered!


Notifications come directly to the requested teachers cell phone with details such as time, date, reason and style of class, so they can immediately choose whether to accept or decline.


You can grow your business with more classes and styles, to better serve your customers and increase your revenue.


We listen to your feedback and make improvements constantly, to deliver the best service and features for your practice..


Your classes automatically sync with MINDBODY. Any substitutions made will automatically be updated on the calendar so you can feel confident that your students will always have an instructor.

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“With the inclusion of Subsync into my studio I was able to double my class schedule. All the while, reducing my management of class schedules to almost nothing. This has allowed me to generate more than double my annual revenue. I have also expanded to 4 locations because it was simply a no-brainer.”


Robert Kittleman

Owner - Ra Yoga

Robert Kittleman, owner of Ra Yoga

What's it Like to use Subsync?

Glad you asked! With our excellent customer service staff, we will show you the ins and outs of our software and you will instantly see how Subsync is the right fit.

  • Unlimited Teachers and Class Types
  • Individualized Manager and Teacher Apps
  • Efficient Messaging to your staff

* Only takes 15 Minutes

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