Task Checklists Should Be Straightforward...

Studioease's user-friendly, Task Checklist, allows you to create custom “to-do” lists for your staff. Our automated system sends a reminder to your staff 30 minutes prior to their next class to complete their “to-do’s”. With so much to take care of for your business, our Task Checklist streamlines the essential day-to-day responsibilities of your studio and ensures your staff are always running at full efficiency and on the same page.

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Task Checklist

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Run your fitness studio with confidence.

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get caught up in daily operations. Studioease’s Task Checklist works autonomously to keep your team on track, so you’ll have more time to get out there and interact with your customers and staff. You'll always be in the know, that your employees are doing a great job and in return, they’ll be diligent & confident with loyal service, accountability and greater productivity.


Easy to Use

We connect with your Mindbody account, so your staff, class types, and studio schedule will be instantly synced into your Studioease account. Your teachers can download the Studioease mobile app and easily create customized task items.


Specific Templates for Team Goals

Successful studio owners tend to have one thing in common: a clear idea of where their business is and where they want it to be, with a proper goal-setting and measurement framework in place. Our Task Checklist system will provide your team with daily reminders to complete their daily tasks and responsibilities until they become habitual to your employees.


Automated Processes

Studioease’s automation gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business operations. The mobile app sends notifications and important reminders directly to your staff’s smartphones. Set it and forget it! The system works autonomously giving you and your team the time to focus on your members.

Tasklist on iPhone

“Subsync allowed the studio to run much smoother by taking the guesswork out of my routine and streamlining my daily process. I can communicate “To-Do” items with my coworkers automatically and we’re all held accountable to complete the Task Lists without external reminders!”


Dave Mazany


Dave Mazany, Trufusion

What the Dashboard & Software Offers You:

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You may find yourself continually asking:

“Where can I reduce costs?”
“Which areas can I improve in to continue towards my plans for growth?”
“Do I have the right employees to keep my business thriving?”

These are all vital questions that every studio owner may find themselves asking at some point. With Studioease’s automated Task Checklist, your day-to-day operation tasks can be delegated to give yourself the time you need to focus on your business and what matters most. Allow our task checklist to follow up with your employees so you don’t have to. Instill your staff with the confidence to run your studio without your constant supervision, while increasing the productivity and accountability for everyone.

Checklists & Processes For Every Situation

Manage seamless procedures & operate with confidence.

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Assign task items to your teachers, staff, and managers.
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Automate reminders for every scheduled class or shift.
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Manage your staff's task checklists from the Subsync app.
Manage your Staff from the App
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Create custom lists and assign them to your staff to keep your studio efficiently operating.
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Keep your managers duties in check by creating lists to run payroll and post on social media.
Keep Studio Operating Efficiently
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