Contactless Check-In Kiosk

Customer Acquisition & Signup

There are so many ways to acquire customers and Studioease helps to reduce the amount of steps for potential clients to take that first class.

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Client Profile

Potential client enters their email address and the system automatically determines if a profile already exists. If found, a one time password is sent via email to validate the client. If no profile is found, the system gathers the required information easily and creates the client profile.

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Class Booking

The client can then book a class with a simple click of a button. No extra steps or complicated checkout processes.

QR Referral Codes

  • Excellent Value
  • Real-Time Technology
  • Simple Integration
  • Easily accessible in the Staff App

We all know that your teachers are your best marketing source. Provide them each with a unique QR code that allows them to share your studio's intro offer so the new client can sign up. This will instantly create a Mindbody client profile for the new client and they can instantly book a first class. They can share these QR Codes in person or via social media.

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Google Ads, QR Codes & Website Leads

With a simple link in your ad or on your website, you can have potential customers create a profile and book a class in 2 easy steps.